We offer a wide array of personal finance services and more customized loans to meet the exact situation a client is facing. At times, the solution is not getting more funding to be to solve a need, a bit of wisdom and planning may be what is holding you from achieving your financial goals. At MoneyABC’s we offer financial counseling and our main passion is empowering clients with the right wisdom on how to rule their money. Other services we offer include:

  • Home Furnishing Financing

Is it time to do a furnisher update, tired of wondering how people think when they enter your house like you cannot afford better-looking households? We have your back. We offer a very low-interest home furnishing financing. This personal loan can be best used to acquire a new living room set of your choice or a bedroom set you have always dreamed of -- or both. 

  • Electronic Financing

Looking to upgrade your dryer that now functions below per – like it’s taking too much power and long to dry? How is your refrigerator, old that it is now consuming too much power, want to replace it with a water filtration system but lacked the financial capacity to do that? We give manageable loans to help people enhance their gadgets. 

  • Emergency Loans

Maybe that roof repair has come knocking unexpectedly, and the rains are around the corner. Or your car is suddenly demanding services that seem to be beyond your budget, we call these urgent financing for the unforeseen. Customized loans of this nature are designed to answer that urgent need, so you don’t stay stranded. Emergencies come in many forms, so you name your situation and we provide the funding. 

  • Debt Consolidation Loans

Debt consolidation is also known as the amalgamation of debts. This helps when you are faced with a number of debts that seems out of control. Basically, a debt consolidation loan comes in to help you pay off those multiple debts so you are left with one low-interest personal loan to deal with. What you are doing here is eliminating those multiple high-interest loans, so in the end, you will save a considerable amount of cash in form of inevitable fines, interests as well as eliminate your loan stress.

  • Vacation Financing

Are you thinking of giving your family a surprise vacation at the beach to get rid of work stress as well as enhance family relationship? Or a skiing tour? We are open to giving you the cash you need. We also help plan your vacation with the money if need be and allow you to repay the cash in a way that won’t leave you feeling pressured. No limits, we fund your holiday from airfares, the equipment you’ll require to have and provide cash in hand.    


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